Dipfix for Chrome released!

We are excited to announce our newest addition to our product suite, Dipfix! is an advanced cloud-based tool to convert PDF files to EPUB3, Fixed Layout EPUB, XML (NLM)(MathML), Word, Etc. We indeed built a lot of magic into this conversion technology to ensure the best possible results. It's capable to automatically extract Table, Figure, Equation, Footnote, Endnote, Links, Index, Font, Etc. Today we own and operate the most advanced reflow & fixed layout conversion system that is also used by some of the major conversion houses. No download required.

The Dipfix is currently available to Chrome browser and will shortly also be available for other browsers.



Why convert PDF to Fixed Layout or Reflow ePUB? 

  • Most publishers do have pdf
  • PDF offers accurate visual representation
  • PDF usually includes all assets
  • The publisher already invested in design, layout, and typesetting


  • No other options for presentational books
  • Publishers don´t want to redesign for digital
  • FL-ePUB offers accurate visual representation
  • Can be sold on iBookstore, Vox, Kindle Fire, E
  • Is becoming an open standard (IDPF)


  • PDF is not a text-document format!
  • It is a vector image!
  • When a document is converted to PDF, it loses its meaning. Words, lines (and line breaks), paragraphs, columns, tables, headers/footers, and outlines -> all gone in PDF


  • 100 % Text accuracy for text PDFs
  • Page Layout, Table, Blockquote, Small Caps, Underline, and List Detection
  • High Quality and effective output
  • Table, Equation, Image extraction
  • Index Level settings, Linking & Extraction
  • Footnote and Endnote Linking
  • Automatic TOC Generation
  • Auto paragraph joining algorithm that works automatically across multiple pages
  • Converted ePub will be automatically validated to ensure 100% compatibility with ePub Checker
  • Customize PDF area for extraction to avoid common problems like headers and footers of pages being treated as body text with other Conversion Tools
  • Extremely User-Friendly
  • The Conversion task takes only a few clicks and it involves no complexity or complications